During your stay

Private chef

Åland has several good restaurants, but only one that is the best – Smakbyn, founded by the famous chef Michael Björklund. The restaurant is always worth a visit but if you really want to spoil yourself and have a lovely evening, let the restaurant come to you instead. Through our collaboration with Smakbyn, one of their talented chefs will come and cook and serve a three course dinner to you and your company in the Klipphuset. This is an exclusive experience and the price varies with the number of participants.

Fishing trip

Whether you have been fishing a lot or are a beginner and never held a fishing rod before, we can recommend fishing in Åland. With our partners we can almost guarantee you to catch fish. Depending on the season and what you want to fish, our guide will take you to the right places. All equipment is included, both regarding fishing and safety.