Perched upon the most northern shores of Åland, Klipphus® 3 – Guerilla Hotel emerges as a haven where the horizon of the sea seamlessly blends with the sky, offering a serene respite for the soul. Imaginge the iconic red cliffs and an unparalleled panorama of the Bothnian Sea’s glistening waters. Designed by the illustrious architect Thomas Sandell, this grand villa captures the essence of classic Scandinavian design, with every nuance tailored for the utmost in comfort and elegance. Embark on a distinctive and unforgettable journey that breaks away from convention. 

Every soul deserves the chance to embrace the sea’s majesty, even if it’s just for a fleeting moment. Dive into romance, experience the unexpected, and awaken by the waves. Our vision is to offer an experience, deeply rooted in classic Scandinavian elegance. And, of course, fantastic nights, whether you wish to spend them in bed or under the starry sky.” The hand crafted Hästen beds from the Dream Factory in Köping ensures your nights are as extraordinary as this magnificent location.

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